Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chris Dennis wins SATT National Team Trials Number 2!

The climax of this event took place in the semi-final when we witnessed an awesome showdown between past National Champ and winner of Trials number one Che Lovelace, and Current National Champ Chris Dennis.

After being eliminated in the same stage of the first trials earlier this year, by Che, Chis was not about to let a reoccurence take place.  The two surfers rode set waves back to back with explosive action and kept raising the bar.  So much so, that the final was almost an anti-climax!
In the end, it was Chris who took top honors and is poised to secure his place on the National Team once again.  Che too, is in a good position to secure his position on the team.

1. Kathy-Ann Smith
2. Micheline Ferreira

Open Men

Heat 1 
1. Keith Lewis
2. Bryan Ramcharran
3. Jamie Phillips
4. Craig deFreitas

Heat 2
1. Kendell Francis
2. Shawn Rostant
3. Glen Ferreira
4. Chad Hamel-Smith
5. Christian Chin

Heat 3 
1. Chris Dennis
2. Andrew Awai
3. Dario Jordan
4. Alan Fitt
5. Shane Spiers

Heat 4 
1. Che Lovelace
2. Shane Henneman
3. Stefan Lue Chin
4. Ryan Chin

1. Keith Lewis
2. Shane Henneman
3. Andrew Awai
4. Kendell Francis

1. Chris Dennis
2. Che Lovelace
3. Shawn Rostant
4. Bryan Ramcharran

1. Chris dennis
2. Che Lovelace
3. Keith Lewis
4. Shane Henneman

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JoelHart said...

Are there going to be more trials on sunday for the juniors on sunday 17th.

Because i am planning to come from Tobago to Trinidad an i wanna know if it make sence.