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Local Boy Out-Surfs Legends to Win Tobago Pro 2012!

On Sunday 23rd December 2012 the Organizers and Surfers of the Surfing T&T Tobago Pro 2012 finally got what they waited all year for – a huge swell – big enough to produce waves of enough consequence to run the Open Division of this Prestigious Event. The Opening Ceremony of the 2012 edition of the Tobago Pro took place at the end of December 2011. At that time all other divisions, which include Juniors (U18) and Groms (U13) were run in excellent surf at the world famous Mt.Irvine Beach. However, in order to run the Open Division contest organizers set out a year long waiting period in hope of a swell that would produce waves big enough to do justice to the event and its Memorial Trophy namesake, Scott Tucker. Scott loved big, powerful waves and he enjoyed surfing them with his friends. On the very last Sunday of the waiting period, as if a perfect plan were being executed, the Contest Organizers got the waves and the surfers, and Scott’s presence was definitely felt. Officials and media gathered on the beach to witness the waves get bigger and bigger all morning.
In the Open Division there were 19 entrants and the names were divided by seeding into 3 Heats. Surfers' 2 top scoring waves would determine their outcome in their heat. The top 2 surfers in each heat advanced to the grand final. The surfers in each heat put on an epic display of surfing and truly demonstrated the camaraderie that makes Trinidad & Tobago surfing extra special. There were 17 surfers from Trinidad and Tobago and two International invited surfers, one from America and one from Australia. Advancing to the Grand Final Heat was a who’s who list of T&T surfing legends, with countless National Championship Titles among them, mixed in with a couple hungry underdogs. The top 3 surfers in the final made the Judges really work for their pay, as they all had excellent rides in the peaking swell. In third (3rd) place overall was local surfboard shaper and backside surfing powerhouse Alan Davis. In second (2nd) place was Stuart Hutton, who recently recovered from a serious knee injury and made an incredible comeback after nearly 2 years without surfing Mt.Irvine.
The overall winner (1st Place) Adrian De Silva, who was surfing the event on the day before his 18th birthday, dedicated his emphatic win to his dying Grand Father. Adrian’s win was especially impressive as he was the youngest and least experienced of the finalists. He surfed well beyond his years, showing knowledge and power of a seasoned veteran. Quite fitting also was the fact that Adrian was the only surfer in the final that can truly be considered a Tobago local having lived his entire life in Tobago with his family. Adrian’s name will be engraved on to the Scott Tucker Memorial Trophy and he will go down in T&T surfing history as the first to have this honor. Adrian was also awarded with a Scott Tucker Memorial Surfboard from Sharp Eye Surfboards. The Most Outstanding Waterman Prize, which is for the surfers who not only excels in the surfing performance arena of the contest, but is also a standout all-round Waterman, was also decided on the 23rd December. The winner of this award must be respectful of other watermen, be respected by other watermen, be an ambassador for surfing and Mt.Irvine, have a positive attitude, and be a role model for the youths. Stuart Hutton was the recipient of the Most Outstanding Waterman Prize, which means his name will also be engraved on the Scott Tucker Memorial Trophy and he was awarded with a Scott Tucker Memorial Surfboard from Lost Surfboards. Stuart also was the best performing over 35 (master) surfer and was rewarded with 2 nights at the Blue Waters Inn, Speyside.
In the Under 18 (Juniors) Division the separation between the top 3 surfers was less than 2 points, which spoke volumes for the performance levels. In third place was Mathew Milne, who was closely edged out by second place Adrian De Silva. First place went to Caelum Blandford who managed to claim a nice barrel in the middle section of a long point wave. In a great showing of sportsmanship and camaraderie, Blandford was carried to the podium on the shoulders of his fellow competitors to celebrate the victory. Finally, in the Mini-Groms (U13) Division, the overall performance was excellent and all the kids exceeded expectations. The goal of this division was to ensure that it was not too competitive and that all the kids had fun and everyone was a winner. Every participant was given an award. Some of the highlights were Joana Apparicio who was the “Charger of the Biggest Waves” which she did un-assisted and won $500 towards a custom made surfboard from Alan Davis Surfboards, and Kai St. George who was the “Best Overall U13 Performer” and won a Sharp Eye Surfboard. Another standout surfer was Curtis De Silva who competed in both U18 and U13 divisions and was the events “Most Improved Surfer” and took home an extensive prize package. On Sunday 30th December the Tobago Pro 2012 had its official Prize Giving on Mt.Irvine where Scott Tuckers parents and family were on hand to present the winners with their prizes. This occasion was also used to commemorate the Opening Ceremony of the Tobago Pro 2013. Event organizers would like to thank Contest Director Jason Apparicio, Contest Judges (Warren Rostant, Troy Hadeed, Ravin Ramkissoon), supporters, and most importantly the sponsors that made this event possible. These are: The Surfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT), The Tucker Family, Blue Waters Inn, The Shade Night Club, Tobago Water, Souljahs HD, Sharp Eye Surfboards, Alan Davis Surfboards, Jason Apparicio Surf Academy, Label House Group of Companies.
FINAL RESULTS OPEN MENS DIVISION 1. Adrian De Silva 2. Stuart Hutton 3. Alan Davis 4. Che Lovelace 5. Jason Apparicio 6. Stephen Makenzie 7. Keith Lewis JUNIORS (U18) 1. Caelum Blandford 2. Adrian De Silva 3. Mathew Milne MINI-GROMS (U13) Joana Apparicio – Charger of Biggest Waves Kai St.George – Best Overall Performance Curtis De Silva – Most Improved Surfer MASTERS (O35) – BEST PERFORMANCE Stuart Hutton MOST OUTSTANDING WATERMAN Stuart Hutton

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Surfing Association Of Trinidad & Tobago (SATT) Crowns its 2012 National Surf Champions

Saturday 28th July 2012. The Surfing Association of Trinidad & Tobago (S.A.T.T.) held its National Surf Championships at Roughside, Balandra. The event was blessed with brilliant sunshine, a good spectator turnout and nice 2-3 foot (1.5 meter) swells that allowed over 68 competitors in seven (7) divisions compete against each other and the waves for National titles. The next generation of local surfers participated in the Under 12 division in the punchy 2-3 foot (1.5 meter) peaks at the main event site. Daniel Lewis was the day’s standout in this division who, for his work, was rewarded with a first place in the event. One of the most exciting things that can happen at a surfing contest is the debut of the new unknown talent whose performance takes spectators by surprise. And this is what the Under 12s did.
The stoked and enthusiastic pre teens were give a platform to have fun, make friends and learn. It was the first time in a National Surf Championships that the “Groms” were introduced to competition formats and, of course, trophies and now entitles them to bragging rights for a year. This years Under 12 Division winners are:   1 - Daniel 'Chucky' Lewis 2 - Ian Forbes 3 - Lily Stauble 4 - Ryan Abdullah
Longboard Division Sherrard Spiers won the Longboard division closely followed by Che Lovelace, Bruce Knaggs, and Christopher Dennis. Spiers also triumphed in the Grand Master division. This years Division winners are: 1 - Sherrard Spiers 2 - Che Lovelace 3 - Bruce Knaggs 4 - Chris Dennis Grand Masters Division Veteran local surfers also participated in the Grand Masters (Over 45) Division (a.k.a. the “Same Age As My Dad” Division). According to Spiers, “for most of us ‘grey haired surfers’, the thrill of riding a wave is just as sweet today as it was in years past”. This year’s winners are: 1 - Sherrard Spiers 2 - Andrew Cabral 3 - Jonathan Torry 4 - Stuart Abraham
Women’s Division In the challenging two-to-three foot (1.5 meter) waves, our island’s best female surfers battled head-to-head for the Women’s prize. Pushed by the younger girls, Jordan Van Reeken and Lily Stauble, Kath-Ann Smith snared the best wave of the heat and tore it apart with some impressive turns and won the heat. This years Division winners are: 1 - Kathy-Ann Smith 2 - Jordan Van Reeken 3 - Lily Stauble 4 - Tonya Sun Kow
Masters Division Che Lovelace defending champion in the Masters Division took home his second consecutive title. Lovelace was pushed hard by second place surfer, Andrew Awai, but held on to win another national title. Third was Kendall Francis (of Balandra) with Sherrard Spiers taking the fourth slot.
 U18 Boys Trinidad & Tobago's next generation of surfing stars also contested for the 2012 National Junior Surfing Titles in the 2-3ft swell. Dario Jordan, 18, won consecutively all of his heats to come out the 2012 Junior Champion. Dario was the most consistent throughout the competition, regularly posting scores in the good range despite the complicated conditions.
This years Division winners are: 1 - Dario Jordan 2 - Jyiell Lewis 3 - Elton John 4 - Terry Lewis Open Men’s Division In the Open Men’s Division, the main event of the Surfing Association’s National Championships, the defending National champion, Che Lovelace, was up against Christopher Dennis, Dario Jordan and Jesse Jarvis. The lead changed hands on a number of occasions in the final heat. Then as the heat wound down Christopher Dennis caught a beautiful wave that saw him getting barreled followed by a high scoring top turn that catapulted him into the lead. He then followed it up with another good score to finish on top. Second was Che Lovelace, third Dario Jordan and fourth was Jesse Jarvis. This years Division winners are: 1 - Christopher Dennis 2 - Che Lovelace 3 - Dario Jordan 4 - Jesse Jarvis A “special thanks” must go to the following: RedBull, Power Up Rental Equipment Limited, Rene Ortiz and team, Shaun Ramberan, Volunteers, Competitors, Spectators, Parents and the SATT Management Team.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TDC International Surf Festival 2012 a Huge Success!

TDC International Surf Festival 2012 a Huge Success! The Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Company (TDC) International Surf Festival 2012 (ISF12) was blessed with a weekend of excellent waves, beautiful weather, great entertainment, and most importantly world class performance surfing. The Surfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago hosted the event and welcomed surfers and officials from Australia, Barbados, Jamaica, United States, and Venezuela. The visitors and locals were greeted by the best surf conditions the event has experienced in its 3-year history, with waves in the 5 to 7 foot range. These surf conditions provided the perfect platform for the pro surfers to express themselves with both high-flying aerial maneuvers and traditional power surfing, much to the amazement of the large crowd of spectators on hand. Last years Open Men’s Champion Francisco Bellorin of Venezuela, who was regarded the man to beat in this event, was able to hold onto his title for a second year in a hard fought final heat against Florida’s Jesse Heilman who held onto the lead until the last minute. Bellorin walked away with US$3500 for first place, while Heilman won US$1500 for his performance. Chris Duff of Florida and Rafael Perreira of Venezuela were held =3rd Place and took home US$500 each. Balandra’s Christopher Dennis was the top performing T&T local surfer, reaching the quarterfinal round where Chris Duff narrowly beat him. In the Women’s Pro Division it was the Battle of the Bajan Chelsea’s that stole the show, with Chelsea Roett winning first place and US$250 while Chelsea Tuach took second place and US$150. Local girl Kathy-Ann Smith, aka Toco Slasher, took third place in the Women’s Pro Division, winning US$50. In the Pro Junior (U21) Division, which was stacked with young talent from Barbados, it was Bruce Mackie that took top honors and went home US$600 wealthier. Fellow Barbadian Che Allen, who was the youngest surfer in the division at 11 years old, performed extremely well surfing with maturity well beyond his age and took second place and US$400. Local standout Dario Jordan managed to secure 3rd place and US$250, while Chelsea Tuach of Barbados finished 4th and took home an additional US$100. The Beacon Insurance U16 Division was an opportunity for the up and coming junior surfers to show their stuff. Young Che Allen took first place, followed by Joshua Burke in second. Local boys Josh Galt, Elton John and Jayel Lewis took third, fourth and fifth place respectively. All competitors in this division received Trophies courtesy of Beacon Insurance and prize packages from the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series. In the final division of the day, the Expression Session gave competitors an opportunity to free surf and show the crowd just how radical they could perform without the pressure of being eliminated from the contest. After 30 minutes of great action it was Joshua Burke of Barbados that won “Best Wave” and US$250, while Rafael Perreira took home US$250 for the “Best Maneuver”. Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Company (TDC), Rajiv Shandilya, was on hand for the entire event and presented prizes to the champions in the Open Division. Shandilya took the time to speak to the large crowd on hand and re-affirm the TDC’s commitment to sports tourism in Trinidad and Tobago, and specifically to the Sport of Surfing. The TDC ISF12 is the 3rd sanctioned event of the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series 2012, the only Pro Surfing Tour in the Eastern US and Caribbean, and the 2nd event of the Caribbean Surfing Championship 2012, which began in Barbados and will be concluded at the final event in Jamaica in July. Surfers at the ISF12 earned valuable points to better their standing in both of these Championships. The International visitors to the TDC ISF12 were exposed to a very unique cultural experience as the surfing was capped off on Saturday with this country’s top Bikini Contest featuring 10 stunning beauties from both T&T and overseas. As the sun set, the streets on Sans Souci came alive with a street party that eventually moved into the community Basketball Court and featured incredible live performances by local legends Orange Sky and Joint Pop. For more information, please follow us on facebook or contact OPEN MEN 1st - Francisco Bellorin(Ven) US$3500 2nd - Jesse Hielman(USA) US$1500 3rd - Chris Duff(USA) US$500, Rafael Perreira(Ven) US$500 Top T&T surfer Chris Dennis lost his Quarter final heat and finished equal 5th and taking home US$300 in prize money U21 Pro Junior 1st - Bruce Mackie(BAR) US$750.00 2nd - Che Allen(BAR) US$400.00 3rd - Dario Jordan(TT) US$250.00 4th - Chelsea Tuach(BAR) US$100 OPEN WOMEN 1st - Chelsea Roett(BAR) US$250.00 2nd - Chelsea Tuach(BAR) US$100.00 3rd - Kathy-Ann Smith(TT) US$50.00 Expression Session Best Wave - Joshua Burke(BAR) US$250.00 Best Move - Rafael Perreira(VEN) US$250.00 U16 Groms 1st - Che Allen(BAR) 2nd - Joshua Burke(BAR) 3rd - Josh Galt(TT) 4th - Elton John(TT) 5th - Jayel Lewis(TT)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

“Venezuelans Dominate at T&T’s ‘Best Ever’ International Pro Surfing Event”


Sans Souci, Trinidad - The Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival 2011 hosted by the Surfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SURFING T&T) this past Indian Arrival Day Long Weekend (May 28th, 29th, 30th 2011) is receiving high praise from the regional surfing community as the ‘Best Ever’ Pro Surfing Event to be held on local shores. Venezuelan surf stars Francisco Bellorin and Rafael Perreira were the events top performers, winning the Open Men’s Pro and the U21 Pro Junior Divisions, respectively.

The Open Men’s Pro was conducted in an Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Style Format which is employed at the highest level of international professional surfing and allows for Man on Man competition, which helps to elevate competitors performances. In the Open Men’s Division Francisco Bellorin took home US$3,000 for first place and Runner Up was Jesse Heilman of Florida, USA, who pocketed a cool US$1500. Local favorite Chris Dennis and Venezuelan Rafael Perreira were equal 3rd Place, each winning US$500.

In the U21 Pro Junior Division, Perreira closely ousted 14-year old surf phenomenon Joshua Burke of Barbados in a highflying aerial showdown during the final. Both surfers surfed extremely well throughout the event, with Burke also getting equal 5th in the Open Men’s Division. Georgio Gomez of Florida and Ackeam Phillips of Jamaica placed 3rd and 4th respectively in the Pro Junior Division.

The Caribbean Surf Legends Division was a specialty Invitational Division featuring multiple time national champions, surf pioneers, professionals, and surfboard shapers from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. T&T’s Jason Apparicio took top honors in the Final Heat, with Alan Burke (BDS) in Second, Che Lovelace (T&T) in Third, Mark Holder (BDS) in Forth, Billy Wilmot (JAM) in Fifth, and Mikey ‘Bully’ Phillips (T&T) in Sixth. In the Women’s Pro Division Leslie Dickerson (USA) took First place, Cathy Ann Smith (T&T) took Second, and Lexi Lautzker (USA) was Third.

The Festival Vibe of the event rivaled the intense surfing action, creating an all time epic experience for all in attendance. Orange Sky, Joint Pop and supporting acts rocked out the community center in Sans Souci on Saturday Night, setting the stage for a weekend of partying and festivities in the coastal village.

On Sunday the beach was on fire with the hottest bikini babes in T&T, as the Carib Pilsner Bikini Contest took the spotlight and a prize purse of US$1000 was distributed to the top performers. Finally on Monday, Indian Arrival Day, foreigners and locals alike were treated to a genuine cultural experience as the Beacon Insurance Curry Cook-off wet the appetites of the judges and officials. The Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival 2011 sets the stage for many top class action sports events to be sponsored by Carib Pilsner in the coming year.

Competitors and guests from Jamaica, Barbados, Venezuela, USA, and even as far as Australia, have been praising the event, its organizers (SURFING T&T) and its Sponsors, for the cultural vibe, hospitality, organization, and overall impression it demonstrated. Surfing T&T would like to thank Carib Pilsner, the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series, Subway, TDC, Beacon Insurance, Digicel, RedBull, Beach Break Surf Shop, Power Up Rental Equipment, Supligen, Tropical Power, Trini Eco Warriors, Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, National Forestry Division, and the Sans Souci Community for all their support!

All Photos: Lyden Thomas

Final Results:
Men’s Open
1st Fracisco Bellorin $3000

2nd Jesse Heilman $1500

=3rd Chris Dennis $500
=3rd Rafael Perriera $500

=5th Joshua Burke $250
=5th David Diaz $250
=5th Jason Apparicio $250
=5th Ackeam Phillips $250

=9th Jonathan Reece $125
=9th Giorgio Gomez $125
=9th Icah Wilmot $125
=9th Shane Henneman $125
=9th Cheyne Jobson $125
=9th Jesse Jarvis $125
=9th JC Schaffer $125
=9th Travis Ajay $125

Pro Junior (U21)
1st Rafael Perreira $500
2nd Joshua Burke $350
3rd Giorgio Gomez
4th Ackeam Phillips

Caribbean Legends
1st Jason Apparicio (T&T)
2nd Alan Burke (BDS)
3rd Che Lovelace (T&T)
4th Alan Davis (T&T)
5th Mark Holder (BDS)
6th Billy Wilmot (JAM)
7th Mikey ‘Bully’ Phillips (T&T)

Women’s Division
1st Leslie Dickerson (USA)
2nd Cathy Ann Smith (T&T)
3rd Lexi Lautzker (USA)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Venezuelans to Defend Titles at Carib Pilsner ISF11!

Venezuelan Surf Stars Rafael Pereira and Francisco Bellorin will return to T&T’s shores once again to defend their Titles at the Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival 2011 (ISF11) on Indian Arrival Day Weekend (May 28,29,30).

Last year in the Open Professional Division Pereira walked away with 1st Place and US$3000, while his fellow countryman Bellorin got 2nd Place and US$1,100. In the Professional Juniors Division (U21) the dynamic duo traded places with Bellorin taking 1st Place and US$500, while Pereira took 2nd Place and US$250.

Under the generous patronage of Carib Brewery, the Tourism Development Company and the Ministry of Sport as their primary sponsors, the Surfing Association of Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting the Second Annual Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival 2011 at “Beach Break “in San Souci.

Expectations run high as the word spreads about the only International Surf Event to be scheduled as part of the Western Atlantic Pro Surf Series, the only professional surf tour on East Coast of the United States of America, with a whopping US $10,000 purse for the local event of the tour.

The promoters of the event expect to see a noticeable increase in the numbers of local, regional and international participants in 2011, with the return of top class professional surfers from USA, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela in South America, as well as Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia and others.

Dubbed “Beach Break”, Sans Souci is easily the Mecca of Surfing in Trinidad; this crescent shaped bay provides a high quality of powerful, contestable waves breaking on a rigid sand bar in a coliseum setting. 90 minutes’ drive from Piarco; the organizers have organized shuttles and accommodation for international participants.

This action packed weekend has a stacked daily itinerary both on and offshore, with three different surf categories Junior Pro, Legends and Open Pro classes as well as a specialty “Night Surf“ as the sun sets.

The ever popular Bikini Competition will be taken to another level this year with the largest ever Cash Prize Incentive of US$1,000 total prize purse and a mandatory online participant registration at the event Facebook Page ( The beautiful ladies of the Bikini Contest will show their stuff along a purpose built 16 ft. RedBull runway elevated over the beach at Sans Souci.

There is also a chance for the best photographers to win $1,000 US for the best Action Shot, Best Moment and the best Scenery Shots. Partygoers get the chance to do their thing at the Legends Beach Concert with Orange Sky, Joint Pop, Skid”Nevely, and Aaron Marquez on Saturday 28th at 5.30pm as the surfing action flows right into live music as the sun sets on the venue.

As the hype grows, surf lovers and beach goers alike have already begun to book up most of the beach houses on the Northeast coast much to the delight of the promoters and the guest houses owners, as this event has staked its place on the national calendar.

The Carib Pilsner International Surf Festival kicks off on Saturday 28th April at San Souci Beach Break, Toco at 10am, and registration on the beach at 5pm Friday 27th. For more information please contact or Keith Lewis 868-775-1001.

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Chris Dennis wins Surfing T&T’s National Team Trials #1!

On Sunday 13th March, 2011 Surfing T&T held its first qualification event of the year and top local surfers battled for spots on 3 National Teams. Surfing T&T will be selecting surfers to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the International Surfing Association (ISA) Quiksilver World Junior Championships (Peru, May 21-29), the ISA Billabong World Surfing Games (Panama, June 25-July 3), and the ISA World Masters Surfing Championships (El Salvador, Oct 16 -23) for surfers over 35.

Each of these events is contested by the best surfers in the world who compete for National Pride. At Sunday’s trials, held in Beach Break, Sans Souci, top surfers faced challenges from both other competitors’ and the waves themselves that were far from ideal but still offered a very contestable forum for the surfers to perform.

Local standout Christopher Dennis took first place and 1000 points in the Mens Open Division, with Keith Lewis, Che Lovelace and Alan Davis getting 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. In the Juniors (U18) Division it was Dario Jordan who took first place over Matthew Milne. In the Masters Division, Current National Champion Che Lovelace took First Place, and was followed by Alan Davis, Stuart Hutton and Lee Quesnel in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively.

As Surfing T&T prepares for the first of the ISA Events for 2011, the Quiksilver World Junior Championships to be held in Peru in May, the association will hold one more Team Trials, possibly in Tobago, and begin preparing the National Junior Team to represent the Country abroad. Surfing T&T is seeking support from sponsors to help offset the cost of taking a team to these prestigious games. For more information please contact,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Apparicio Owns D Pressure Pot!

On Saturday 23rd October 2010, the second to last day of the 3 weekend long event waiting period, the elements finally came together for Surfing T&T and Caribbean Waterman to run the Chupara Pressure Pot 2010 specialty surfing event. Chupara point is a peninsular on the north coast of Trinidad that is also known as La Fillette, and is located east of Las Cuevas and west of Blanchisseuse.

The surf spot at Chupara was targeted for this event for its consistent and powerful waves, its dramatic ambiance, and its reputation as the most challenging surf spot found on the North Coast road. Additionally, the organizers partnered with the developer of the private estate located on the peninsular to raise awareness of the existence of the great surf spot and to ensure its protection remains at the forefront of the Eco-Development plans for the area.

The lure of a winner-take-all cash prize in the Open Division managed to bring all of T&T’s top surfers out of the woodwork to compete. The Open Final was a stacked event consisting of current National Champion Che Lovelace, and three (3) past National Champions Jason Apparicio, Chris Dennis, and Keith Lewis. In fact, the 4 surfers in the Final hold a combined total of 15 National Open Men’s Titles and 10+ National Junior Men’s Titles.

At the end of a hard fought 25 minute final heat, it was Jason Apparicio that came out victorious and walked away with $2400 in cash. Chris Dennis got second place and was presented an incredibly stacked hamper from Anthony P Scott. Third place winner Che Lovelace received a Souljahs 4-DVD Boxset and T-Shirts from .

In the Juniors (U18) division there was a Tobago Invasion with 5 of the 8 young surfers coming from the sister-isle under the watchful eye of the event champion, Jason Apparicio. The Tobago boys surfed really well but they were not able to overcome the consistent surfing of T&T’s current National Junior Champion surfer Dario Jordan. Dario won first place, a Souljahs DVD, and three (3) Quiksilver Trinidad T-Shirts. Second place went to Caelum Blandford, Third was Mathew Milne, and fourth was Steve Aeschlimann.

The first ever event of its kind in Trinidad was a great success and the surfing on display was high caliber. Caribbean Waterman and Surfing T&T would like to thank the its sponsors Anthony P Scott and ON87, as well as the judges, supporters and surfers that made it all possible. Look out for more great video and photographs of the event to some in the near future. For more info, please contact