Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Che Lovelace Wins Open and Masters!

When Che Lovelace heard that the World Surfing Games were to be held in Warm, Sunny Costa Rica this year, 2009, he made clear his intentions that he was going to be part of the SATT National Team.  You see, Che was the standout surfer on the SATT Masters National Surf Team that competed at the World Masters in Peru last year.

Needless to say, the water was frigid and the wetsuits were restricting.  Compounding that, it had been several years since Che had competed in a heat, much less an event of that magnitude.  But old habits die hard, and Che has a good habit of schooling the school when it comes to competitive surfing.  Affectionately know among the groms as Che "Slater", the old guy lived up to is reputation this sunday and held a class on how to deconstruct your competition, both young an old.

This is not the first time Che has won multiple divisions of an SATT event, having won both Juniors and Open at Nationals many years back, and you can rest assured it won't be the last so long as he continues to compete at the national level.  All in all, the first event for the year for the SATT was a great success and the waves were amazing in Sans Souci for the entire day.  Oh Yeah, and Che is now well on his way to cementing his spot on the National Team for the WSG 2009 in the Warm, Sick surf of Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica!

Stay Tunes for the official results of the days action soon to be available here and at surfingtt.org .


1st - Che Lovelace
2nd - Alan Davis
3rd - Mikey (Bully) Phillips
4th - Sherrard Spiers


1st - Micheline Ferreira
2nd - Shadik Day
3rd - Chrissanna Harewood


Heat 1 Rd 1
1st - Chris Dennis
2nd - Che Lovelace
3rd - Darren Farfan
4th - Mark D.V.

Heat 2 Rd 1
1st - Shaun Rostant
2nd - Mikey Phillips
3rd - Shane Henneman
4th - Tristan Richardson

Heat 3 Rd 1
1st - Andrew Awai
2nd - Jason Apparicio
3rd - Kevin See Tai
4th - Chad HamelSmith

Heat 4 Rd 1
1st - Alan Davis
2nd - Brian Ramcharan
3rd - Stefan Lue Chin
4th - Josh Lewis

Semi 1
1st - Brian Ramcharan
2nd - Mikey Philips
3rd - Chris Dennis
4th - Andrew Awai

Semi 2
1st - Jason Apparicio
2nd - Che Lovelace
3rd - Shaun Rostant
4th - Alan Davis

1st - Che Lovelace
2nd - Jason Apparicio
3rd - Brian Ramcharan
4th - Mikey Phillips


1st - Kyle Gonsalves
2nd - Daniel De Gannes
3rd - Tristan Richardson

Official SATT ranking to be post ASAP.

This Sunday's contest is also the first official surfing event for the CARIBBEAN WATERMAN CHALLENGE 2009!

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