Wednesday, September 29, 2010


AN Invitational Specialty surf contest presented by ON87, Surfing t&t, and

On Saturday 9th October 2010 history will be written when for the first time a surf contest will be held at Chupara Point on Trinidad’s North Coast.

...In an effort to highlight the synergy that exists between the natural beauty of this special headland and the performance surfing spectacle that it hosts, this event will feature T&T’s best surfers performing at a new and exciting venue for spectators.

A field of 16 Open Surfers will battle in a single elimination Pro Format for a prize purse of TT$2500. The Top 10 currently ranked Surfing T&T surfers will receive seeding into the event. The organizing committee will list six (6) invitees and two (2) alternates based on nominations from within and the seeded surfers. TT$200 entry.

In the Juniors Category there will be a field of 8 surfers that will be enlisted on a first come, first serve basis. TT$50 entry. There will be hampers and giveaways for junior finalists, as well as specialty prizes for Best Barrel, Best Air, Best Maneuver, and Best Wave. All entries must be confirmed by e-mail to .

Judging for this event will be facilitated by paid judges of Surfing T&T, who have been certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA). The rules used will be ISA rules. All heats will be 20 minutes long with the exception of the finals that will be 25 minutes each. There will be no beach entries, entries will be closed on Thursday 7th October and Heats will be drawn on Friday 8th October 2010.

Spectators will be welcomed to this very rarely seen location in Trinidad that is normally only frequented by Surfers, Rock Fishermen, and indigenous wildlife. Actually, it is not uncommon to see pairs of Red Macaws that reside in the forests of this area. As much as it is reasonable, the event organizers will be making every effort to make it a comfortable experience for surfing enthusiasts who come to take in the action.

This includes live audio visual / PA system provided by the RedBull Pinzi that will combine great music by DJ Shabba and Surf Commentary by Surfing T&T announcers, limited tents, and Fresh Fish Broth. Spectators are encouraged to come prepared with their coolers, refreshments and anything else they would normally take to a Beach Lime or Rally Track!

For more information on the event or opportunities on how you can get involved, please contact or Warren Rostant @ 354-6969. Thanks.

The Top 10 Surfing T&T Surfers Seeded into this event, in no particular order, are:

Che Lovelace
Christopher Dennis
Brian Ramcharan
Jesse Jarvis
Keith Lewis
Shane Hennaman
Kevin See Tai
Donald Koo
Dario Jordan
Mathew Milne

Chupara Point is also known as Filette Point. By car, it is located after Las Cuevas and Hundred Steps, and before the village of La Filette. After you pass the new development of Chupara Village on the left, take your next left after the Basket Ball Court. Follow the road and look for signs guiding you to the contest location. We look forward to seeing you there!