Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The last two days of the ISA World Surfing Games saw some good action from the Caribbean contingent; however a bout of bad luck meant that none of the island boys made it to the fourth day of competition. On Sunday, Stephan Corbin (BAR) opened the day by winning his heat with a combined 2 wave score of 10.40. Soon after Johnathan Reece (BAR), Christopher Clarke (BAR), and Shane Simmonds (JAM) got second place in their heats, advancing into the Repercharge Round 2. Che Lovelace (TNT) finished a close 3rd in his heat due to a very questionable call on the judge’s part.

On Monday, these Four Open Surfers contested in their Repercharge heats in slightly small, tougher conditions. Although none of these surfers advance, they all surfed quite well and young Shane Simmonds from Jamaica put up a valiant effort, surfing very fluid and powerfully on the small waves. He was dropped in on during his heat; however the interference call did not help his cause in passing through to the next round.

Still in the event are our Caribbean brothers from Puerto Rico, and our neighbors Venezuela, along with many other National Teams fighting for valuable team points! Keep up with the rest of the event as it unfolds at www.billabongpro.com ! Look out for longboarding from Trinidad and Barbados beginning tomorrow with a building swell. Should be very challenging and exciting.

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