Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The journey to the World Masters Championships 2009 kicked off on Sunday 7th October in Toco with the first of five trials. Conditions were classic at Salibea, with waves 3-5ft and the occasional head high set. The slight offshores provided beautifully shaped waves and attracted over 20 spectators in the water, who not only had a front row view, but enjoyed the scraps that were on offer. 

After the spray cleared and scores were tabulated, Andrew 'Quincy' Cabral won the over 45 division and Che Lovelace claimed top spot in the 35-45 category. Thanks to all the surfers who cleared the lineup and respected the SATT's decision to hold the trials at Salibea. We  look forward to more participants at the upcoming events.

The dates for the remaining Masters Trials are as follows:

Sunday 28th Sept.
Sunday 19th Oct.
Sunday 9th Nov.
Sunday 30th Nov.

The locations will be determined closer to the date based on swell forcasts. Anyone interested please contact any of the Masters competitors or SATT executive.

Current Standings
1 Che Lovelace
2 Lawrence Morales
3 Sherrard Spiers
4 Warren Rostant

1 Andrew Cabral
2 Andrew Millar
3 Stuart Abraham
4 Craig Evelyn
5 Larry Coelho
6 John Torry

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